01. Once Upon A Dream
02. Cosmic Love
03. No Light, No Light
04. イントゥ・ダークネス
05. Do I Wanna Know?


...we face the bleak horizon under crushing skies
The truth belying a future uncertain and dark...



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gingerspritz asked:
*blushes intensely* i really want a souharu au where they're all classical musicians where haru plays the piano "freestyle" (as in cantabile) and sousuke to be a cellist! How do you think that would work out? What are your head canons for it!!



ok, deep breathing, because you may not know this, but one of the first things I ever wrote (for Teen Wolf) actually was a classical musician AU, so this is near and dear to my heart and I actually play both the cello and the piano so haha.

Though tbh, I’d see Haru more as a violinist? Just, a pianist who works in an actual orchestra/is contracted to a theatre has to do a lot of accompaniment especially for the singers (also especially in smaller theatres that job basically falls to the conductors) and while I can see Haru wanting to refuse to work in a theatre on those grounds (because he needs to play “free” you see), piano is still an intensely cooperative instrument to me?

While the violins, especially first violins, and especially especially the concert master (who is basically he head of the first violins) have this reputation of being aloof, a bit arrogant and also the ones who are the most visible and admired. Also I feel Haru with his elegant fingers would look so pretty playing the violin!

So this was a really long-winded way to apologize for veering off your idea and deciding that Haru should be a violinist in that head canon, I’M SORRY, ok here goes:

Haru would be a violin prodigy, think mozart slash paganini, so very gifted from early on, picks up the theory and technique up extremely quickly and is known for his graceful playing.

He starts composing from a young age as well, because he doesn’t like to adhere to existing music (though he has a deep love for 19th century German composers, Erich Korngold , Bela Bartok, and of course Paganini), he wants to play “free”. That means though that if he does play established music his interpretations are really one of a kind.

Basically that whole story-line with also swimming relay, would then be that he does want to play together with his friends. The closest equivalent to a relay would be a quartett, where I would go 1st violin - Haru; 2nd violin - Nagisa (he saw Haru playing and was so enarmored that he started learning it); Viola - Rei (because if you know anything about viola stereotypes you know he’s perfect); Violoncello - Makoto.

He finally understands that performing and just doing music together with other people is something special, so that even if you alone don’t get to perform as free or as prominent, it’s its own wonderful thing (something that I think everyone who has ever sung in a choir/played in an orchestra/ensemble can attest to)

And then that whole pro-storyline could still happen exactly like that, becuase in the ways of competitiveness/effort sports and music are pretty similar.

And Sousuke over-practiced and has been told that he needs to stop playing for at least 2 years so his sinews can recover. In classical music, especially the professional kind, that’s basically a death sentence.

Fast forward a few years and Haru has been playing the solo violin in a lot of different orchestras and he gets a chance to play the Double concerto in minor, Op. 102 from Brahms, who he loves but who did so few things for violin that Haru basically grabs that chance and runs with it

And who else shows up to be the solo-violoncello? Sousuke. They both aren’t that happy to be there together, but Haru loves this concert and its Sousuke’s chance to finally take the professional stage. So they’ll have to deal with the other being there.

But playing together, in a way that it works, that it transmits feelings? means a lot of practice sessions together, that they can’t just spend staring at each other in hostility.

and through finally really getting to hear each other play, Sousuke has to admit to himself that the softness, the gentleness, the vulnerability Rin told him Haru always shows in his playing? The one he refused to see, when he could only see Nanase, the one who was hard and maybe technically perfect, but no way that emotionless facade could transport feelings, was only in his head.

And Haru, just has such a weakness for someone who does good music, someone who really gets Brahms (because you know that Haru is going to be such a stuck up about interpretation and has a lot of chilly arguments with people about how Itzhak Perlman clearly misunderstood Vivladi’s intentions), so he kind of falls in lust with Sousuke about music nerdery.

And then when they finally perform for the first time with an orchestra the sexual tension between them is sizzling. (Nagisa tells Rin that he barely contained himself from throwing money on stage as if they are in a strip club when he went to open rehearsal)

So after the premiere they are both so keyed up on the constant eye-fucking and on the music that they end up having sex in a supply closet.


Imagine haru having a voice fetish 


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Oh my gosh I’m sorry for always posting long comics. I just needed to draw some self-indulgent cuddles again. I need to think about my life and my choices.


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